• Access to a national marketplace 

  • Automated bookings for clients

  • Digital payments for events and activities

  • Scheduling for individual and group activities  

  • Staff management tools

  • Ability to promote accessible activities  

  • Digital referrals from regular clients 

Skillet provides Activities and Event Operators with

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Activities and Events around New Zealand

Simple. Sorted. Sweet.

It's Friday and you want to find something fun to do this weekend. You jump on Skillet and start scrolling through a personalised list of activities and events that are happening near you. One has your name on it – figuratively – so you select it and reserve your place. You're all booked and ready to go, and it's taken under 30 seconds.

There's another event that's also caught your eye. Turns out it's a class that happens every week. You've just found a whole new skillset to explore, starting on Tuesday. You book yourself in, check the confirmation and message your closest mate so they don't miss out on the fun. Sorted!


Life's simpler when you're not bombarded with info and advertising that's neither relevant nor useful to you. Skillet helps you create your own filter of the activities and events that align with your interests, your values and your accessibility needs. It takes seconds to book – literally.


Want to know the best part? Skillet's free for you to use, meaning that ticket sales go straight to the people in your community who are organising the activities. 

You don't need to be a part of a team or have a fixed location to find stuff you'll like, because who needs limitations like that? All you need is an idea of what you're interested in, and the times you'll be available. Create your free account, today, and start planning for the week ahead!

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How does it work?

New Zealand's full of amazing groups that host activities that are accessible, inclusive and rewarding: art classes, meditation, sports, dancing, games and other forms of fun. We want to help you connect with these events and the great people who run them. 

We partner with groups who offer activities, events and services in your area. These can range from art therapy, dance classes to facility-based day care.

Each activity organiser uses Skillet to promote events to their local community, identifying accessibility options and the maximum number of people who'll be attending.

To save you effort, repeat bookings are possible up to three months in advance for activities that are held on a recurring basis: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Reserving a space takes less than 30 seconds. To start, just check out the range of activities that'll already be available through your Skillet calendar.

Are you eligible for Individualised Funding?

The transition to Individualised Funding (IF) was initiated by the Ministry of Health in 2015. Its stated goal was to ensure that Kiwis who receive Disability Support funding have the freedom to manage their services in the ways that work best for them. With the rising popularity of IF in 2021, Skillet ensures that you have greater choice of the services, activities and events you want. We also make it easier for you to plan the activities that'll help you meet your Needs Assessment goals, on the time and terms that work for you. 

One of the best ways we can grow our range of activities and events is through recommendations from you. If you manage a brilliant community group or organisation which isn't on Skillet, but should be, just let us know using the form below.

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