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Skillet is FREE for 
our Users and Familes 

Skillet is your marketplace of trusted and accessible services, activities & events. 

We make it easy for Kiwis with disabilities, older New Zealanders and whānau to book in-home services and to join accessible activities in their area. 

Skillet is free to join 
and gives its members peace of mind by ensuring that all businesses in our community have been vetted and background checked. All you need to do is to choose the date and time that works for you. 

Create your free account today!

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Please note that while some activities are on hiatus until COVID restrictions are eased, Skillet has a range of in-home services that you can book now. Read more about our members using the button below. 

What can Skillet do for you?

We're here for you. Whether you need someone to take care of the garden, to repair a plumbing leak or you're looking for accessible events in your area, we're here to help.


It should only take seconds of your time to book the services, events and activities you're interested in, so we’ve created Skillet: a marketplace built for ease, inclusion and speed. 

Is there anything you need done in the days ahead?


Check us out. See how we can help.

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Learn about our community

About our members

Skillet was built for accessibility. The platform was co-designed by our community: Kiwis with disabilities, older New Zealanders and whānau. 


We're also made up of businesses in a range of sectors: plumbers, gardeners, cleaners, personal trainers and recreation clubs. Some of us identify as disabled or have family members with disabilities. Others are in our senior years. And we’re all working hard toward a New Zealand with improved accessibility, high standards of service and dignity – for all Kiwis. 


Take a look at some of the spaces in which we work. 

Our partners

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