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Individualised Funding and Aged Care

How does Skillet support Individualised Funding?

In December 2021, the New Zealand government announced the national rollout of the Enabling Good Lives framework and the establishment of a new Ministry for Disabled People. It is forecast that by 2025, up to 30% of all Aged Care and Disability Support services will be managed through Individualised Funding under the Enabling Good Lives framework. Individualised Funding provides recipients with more control over their support resources, enhancing choice, agency and dignity for the people who use it. One of the challenges facing Aged Care Facilities who provide individualised services, today, is meeting demand for care and activities that can be delivered through a mixed funding model. Ensuring that these services are accessible to both clients and their families adds further complexity.


In an Aged Care setting, Skillet works as a bridge between the activities and services provided by a facility and the community it serves. In addition to boosting engagement with existing clients, Skillet helps Aged Care Providers promote facility-based respite care and day care to prospective clients in the surrounding community. This approach helps Care Facilities, Retirement Villages and other providers connect with their transition service residents, and benefits clients who receive Individualised Funding in line with New Zealand's Healthy Ageing Strategy.


The cultivation of 'age-friendly communities', as outlined in the Strategy, will see spiking demand for individualised services over the next five years. It will also prompt greater demand for support of caregivers. Skillet's solution is to build transparency and communication between all parties, pooling information and resources. This model ensures that clients and their families have more options around Individualised Funding Hosts, services, activities and businesses that meet their needs. It also ensures that Aged Care Providers can deliver greater impact to the people who need them most, while maximising staff time and capacity.

How Skillet improves the client experience for Aged Care Providers

Skillet helps your clients book your services and activities in under 30 seconds. We take away the hassle of dealing with complex schedules and provide an easy and accessible way for clients and their families to secure the services they need.

Give clients and their families the ability to book your services, activities and events from one easy-to-use platform

Keep your community engaged and informed through digital newsletters, activity broadcasts and event alerts using your organisation portal

Diversify revenue by providing services to new clients in your area, or list your available hours for businesses in need of on-call staff

Keep a centrally-accessible log of all bookings made by your clients and their families to ensure that you're offering the right services and activities at the right times

How Skillet helps build business efficiencies

New Zealand’s Disability Support and Home Care sectors started the transition to Individualised Funding in 2015, with the goal of having more than 30% of clients managing their own funds by 2025. Skillet gives your business an edge by helping you better engage with Individualised Funding clients and their families.


In addition to better engaging with current and prospective clients, Skillet streamlines service bookings and staff allocation, and provides a secure line of communication for all participants. So forget spending valuable staff time on planning, scheduling, allocating and promoting your services when Skillet can do this for you, at a fraction of the cost. 

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Let us do the work for you. With Skillet, your staff can spend time where they're needed most and you can focus on doing what you do best. Book a demo with Skillet today and give your organisation the digital edge. 

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