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Did you know

that Retirement Villages which provide digital booking services for Residents can increase revenue by more than 25%?

Skillet for Retirement Villages and Aged Care

Skillet provides your Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities with:

  • Resident and family portals

  • Contactless bookings and service delivery

  • Service and activity schedules

  • Staff allocation tools

  • Contractor logs

  • Newsletters and event broadcasts

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How Skillet improves your Village experience

Skillet helps your Retirement Village connect with current residents, future residents on your waitlist and senior citizens in your community. 

Give current residents the ability to book unit maintenance requests, leisure services, activities and meals from one easy platform, in just a few clicks of a button

Make your Village more engaging for future residents who are on your waitlist and in your community by extending your activities and select Village services (e.g. gardening) to them

Diversify revenue by engaging up to 50,000 residents, waitlisted residents and prospective clients, without diverting your staff from competing Village priorities

Keep a log of all activities and jobs booked by your current residents and prospective residents in your area to ensure you're providing the right services at the right times

How Skillet helps build business efficiencies

Almost 30% of New Zealand's Retirement Villages are currently are reshaping their businesses to meet massive client growth over the next 10 years. Skillet gives your Villages an edge, with access to essential staff and services from a range of trusted, vetted and experience professionals in under 30 seconds.


We also help you engage with clients, before they've even set foot in your Village. Forget the days of wasting hours on planning, scheduling and broadcasting your Village services and activities. With Skillet, staff can spend time where they're needed most while your current and future residents book the services and activities that make your Village stand out. 

2020 emphasised the need for streamlined and contactless digital solutions that enable your business and people to perform better under pressure. That's where Skillet comes in.

Let us do the work for you. Book a demo with Skillet today and give your Retirement Villages the digital edge. 

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Did you know

that Retirement Villages which provide services to their surrounding community are 86% more likely to maintain 100% occupancy than those who don't?