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What we do

Welcome to Skillet: a diverse community of individuals with disabilities, seniors, families in need and professional support services. Partnering with councils, council-controlled organisations, not-for-profits and commercial businesses that share a vision of dignity and equality for all, we're paving the way for a more inclusive tomorrow.

Stay at the forefront of inclusivity with our software and deliver go-to sources for everything from accessible venues and events to the latest news and advancements. Leveraging our network of local and regional partners, our solutions help to track accessibility metrics while improving social connection and services.

Explore the options below to be a part of building a world where everyone thrives.

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What we cover
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Access Maps are used to display transparent and up-to-date information on accessible and age-inclusive public spaces, amenities and experiences for residents and visitors. Maps are available to city and regional councils, council-controlled organisations, not-for-profit groups and commercial organisations that serve the community.

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Access Maps

Accessibility Map
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Skillet's Community & Service Apps are used by Retirement Villages and Aged Care Providers to manage client needs and promote social connections between residents, prospective residents and the surrounding community.

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Community & Service Apps

Community & Service Apps
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Event Centres

Event Centres help centralise and promote experiences that are accessible to people with a range of ages, access needs and interests. Events can be listed in private groups (e.g. for a membership-based gym) or made public (e.g. for a recreation centre or food truck collective). Listings can also be filtered by accessibility requirement, location and date. 

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Event Centres

Meet some of our national partners

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Our community is made up of Kiwis just like you. We've come together to improve accessibility and inclusion across New Zealand. Our Access Maps are used to display public spaces, amenities, organisations and events that meet a range of access needs. Each map comes with a set of accessibility reports, custom branding and a quick-launch app to easily share events and updates with your community.

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We take a strengths-focused approach to our partnerships and projects. Each map is custom built and can be filtered by accessibility need, age range, venue type, facility, activity and date. We start with the experiences that our partners offer currently and highlight areas where accessibility and inclusion can be improved in the future. Want to see how your Access Map works? Get in touch, today.

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