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Access Maps

Photo of a smartphone displaying one of Skillet's Accessibility Maps

Access Maps are interactive visual representations of the physical environment. They display organisations, amenities, public spaces and experiences. They also provide granular information on the accessibility of these sites for individuals and whānau with a range of access needs.

What you receive

  • Custom maps displaying the accessibility of public spaces, amenities, organisations and events

  • Granular accessibility reports

  • Quick-launch app for phones, tablets and computers

  • Secure transactions for ticketed activities and events

  • Multi-website display​s

  • Easy map maintenance with no coding required

  • Dynamic accessibility metrics

  • Broadcasts for community news, travel disruptions and emergency alerts

Photo of a child as he smiles into the camera.

Working with you

Skillet's Access Maps provide a comprehensive overview of inclusive public spaces, amenities, organisations and events. In addition to accessible restrooms and parking spaces, these Maps can hold critically-important information on resources, staff experience and environments that meet a range of needs. Working together, we can provide you with a tailored solution that meets your needs and helps more Kiwis experience their communities with confidence. 

Provide your community with the accessibility information they seek with a bespoke Access Map for your website.


PRO TIP: Turn your Map into a quick-launch app for instant access, language preferences and device settings (e.g. screen reader compatibility).

Generate branded reports that detail the accessibility standards of venues, amenities and experiences that are displayed on your map.

Keep your venues, amenities, accessibility reports and service offerings up-to-date with a centralised dashboard.

Track and report on your accessibility data as it improves over time.

Building efficiencies

Over 1.1 Million Kiwis identify as disabled, today. Of that number, 80% of disabilities are not visible. Accessibility should be more than a buzzword or a box to tick. We take a strengths-based approach to each of our projects, working with our partners to understand and map the accessible experiences in their communities. As part of this process, our audits can also highlight areas for improvement and opportunities to partner with local accessibility advocates.

Graphic of three women as they leave their office. One of the women uses a mobility cane for people who are blind or have low-vision.
Graphic of a smartphone, laptop and tablet displaying different elements of Skillet's Accessibility Map.

With an Access Map, you can make it easier for more Kiwis to particpate fully in their communities. Are you ready to see what your Map can do? Use the link to request more information or book a demo with Skillet, today.

By focusing on practical information around infrastructure, practices, staff and resources, Skillet offers your community a user-friendly platform to find, bookmark and stay updated on the experiences that honour their identities, access needs and interests.

Meet some of our national partners

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