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Skillet's Community & Service Apps are used by Retirement Villages and Aged Care Providers to manage client needs and promote social connections between residents, prospective residents and the surrounding community.

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Community & Service Apps

What you receive

  • Resident and family portals

  • Customised maps of Villages and Care Facilities

  • Easy bookings of activities, services and tours

  • Maintenance request and service management

  • Activities and events calendar 

  • Staff allocation suite

  • Easy reporting tools

  • Newsletters, broadcasts and push notifications

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Working with you

Skillet helps Retirement Villages and Care Facilities connect with current residents, prospective residents and the surrounding community. 

Give residents the ability to book maintenance requests, Village-based services, leisure activities and outings from their own devices, in just a few easy clicks.

Engage with waitlisted and prospective residents in the area by offering tours, leisure activities and a selection of services (e.g. gardening) that elevate your Village.

Diversify revenue by engaging with up to 15,000 residents, waitlisted residents and prospective clients – without diverting your staff from their Village priorities.

Extract reports on upcoming and past bookings to demonstrate the impact, value, frequency and popularity of your services.

Building efficiencies

Currently 30% of New Zealand's Retirement Villages and Care Facilities are reshaping their businesses to meet massive client growth. As the number of digitally-native retirees increases, the need for digital solutions that meet their needs must also increase. Skillet elevates Retirement Villages and Care Facilities by helping them connect with residents and the surrounding community on their time and terms.

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Our Community & Service Apps help you engage with future residents and families, before they've set foot in your Village. All it takes is one platform to plan, schedule and broadcasting your events, activities and services to residents and waitlists – from anywhere in New Zealand. With Skillet, staff can spend less time on admin and more time on what matter most: providing the Village experience that current and future residents really want. 

Photo of a laptop, smartphone and tablet, each displaying different elements of Skillet's Community & Service app

Book a demo with Skillet today for an easy-to-use platform that helps your Village extend its reach, reputation and impact in the community. 

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