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Launching Skillet

Skillet connects people to the professionals they need. Our mission is to make services simple for Senior Citizens, People with Disabilities and Businesses.

We started working on Skillet in August 2019…which feels like a decade ago. Back then, the prospect of lockdowns, mask mandates and pandemic response plans would’ve seemed straight out of fiction.

In our pre-pandemic reality, we focused on three questions:

  • How can we build incomes and promote the skills that exist in our communities?

  • How can we support Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities?

  • What does the future of our workforce look like?

Skillet is the result of these questions, and of collaboration with incredible Kiwis up and down the country.

Here’s what we know: people aged 65+ are the fastest growing population group, both in Aotearoa and globally. We know that there are clear cross-sections between Senior Citizens and People living with Disabilities: New Zealand's last Disability Survey revealed that 76% of Kiwis aged 80+ live with one or more forms of Disability. We also know that there are critical gaps between these communities and the businesses they need – a problem that was exacerbated during New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdowns.

Skillet exists to bridge these gaps and to create better pathways built on accessibility, inclusion and ease.

Our first step: launching Skillet

20 December 2020


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