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Did you know

that demand for community and home-based services has increased due to growing support for 'Aging in Place'?

Skillet for Social and Community Health

Skillet provides Social and Community Health Providers with:

  • Client, family and business portals

  • Contactless bookings and service delivery

  • Scheduling for one-off and recurring appointments

  • Staff allocation tools

  • Contractor logs

  • Newsletters and event broadcasts

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How Skillet improves your client experience

Skillet gives your business the ability to connect with current clients, waitlisted clients and members of the community who'll need your services in the future.

Give clients the ability to book one-off and recurring service appointments from their Skillet shortlist, in under 30 seconds

Engage with future clients who already use Skillet to manage all of their services and activities from one easy location

Diversify revenue by reaching other businesses, without diverting your staff from competing priorities

Keep a centrally-accessible log of all bookings made by your clients and their families to ensure you're offering the right services at the right times

How Skillet helps build business efficiencies

Skillet gives your clients a user-friendly platform to shortlist and book your services. We know it can be challenging to coordinate dates and times for important jobs while balancing everything else, so we've taken the hassle away with our streamlined booking and staff allocation system. Do you need to know anything from your clients or their family ahead of your appointment? Use Skillet’s messaging platform to clarify all info and ensure you're ready to go.

Post your services on Skillet and let us match them to the right people at the right time. Book a demo with Skillet today and extend your business to new markets today. 

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Did you know

that Kiwis aged 65+ will double in number over the next 20 years, resulting in increased demand for home and community-based services?